911 Emergency Services

What happens when I call 911 ?

The Arbutus Volunteer Fire department is part of the Baltimore County Fire Department. Though we are an all volunteer organization, our members have to attend the same vigorous training as the career stations and are trained by the Baltimore County fire department career instructors. We are mandated to follow the protocols and directives of the Baltimore County Fire department.

So what happens when you call 911 ? The 911 operator collects details about your emergency. Your info is routed to the correct response agency by the 911 Operator, in our case the Baltimore County Dispatch. Dispatch will verify the location and assign the right Fire company to respond to the call. Our county is divided into Box Areas. Each station is provided a response area, wherein they are the first responding company for all emergencies. So for example, Arbutus VFD is assigned 8 box areas ranging from 35-1 all the way to 35-8. Other companies may have more or less depending on their area of coverage and how close their neighbors are. Companies from the neighboring areas also respond to assist the primary response unit. The companies that arrive on scene have the option to call for additional help as needed, even from other counties.

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Last update: November 16, 2013


Arbutus VFD provides FIRE, RESCUE, EMS & Swift Water services to Arbutus and surrounding communities under guidance from the Baltimore County Fire Department.


AVFD Equipment

Engine E-351

Engine E-352

Heavy Rescue Squad S-354

Paramedic Unit M-355 

Paramedic Unit M-356

Swift-Water Unit S-359

Utility Truck U-357 

Utility Truck U-358 

Rescue Boats


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