Our quest for a NEW HOME

  Who's Who in our Campaign

  • Hon. William Donald Schaefer - Honorary Chairman

  • Gordon 'Bud' Clark - General Chairman 

Joseph F. Ambrose, Sr Salvatore E. Anello, III 
Thomas E. Booth  Judge John C. Coolahan
Donna A. Cameron  Judge Thomas E. Dewberry
Clemis A. Kaikis  George Kendrick
Senator Edward J. Kasemeyer  Joan Lewis Kennedy 
Leon L. Lineburg  Frank Moran, Sr. 
James 'Ned' Malone, Sr.  Kim Nicholson 
Delegate James E. Malone, Jr. Jeff Utzinger 
Councilman Samuel Moxley  Donnie Warthen 
Paula W. Wolf  



A sleepy little town on the railroad track

In 1938, when the Arbutus Volunteer Fire Department was inaugurated, the town of Arbutus was literally that: a small village bisected by the Pennsy and the streetcar line from Baltimore to Halethorpe. Much of the surrounding land was devoted to small farms and the town, little more than a cluster of homes and small businesses seasoned with few churches, was still reeling from the effects of the Great Depression.

The new AVFD leased a parcel of land from the Arbutus Community Association and reclaimed lumber from the Association's carnival dance floor to begin construction on a new firehouse. Baltimore County recognizing the value of a new volunteer department to the west of the Pennsy line, appropriated $ 500 a year to the new organization and the Baltimore County Fire Department donated some used hose to help outfit the apparatus. 

The war bought some big changes to Arbutus as more and more people flooded into the Baltimore area to flesh out War industries. In 1942, the AVFD expanded into new quarters and bought a 1942 LaFrance Pumper and a Buick Ambulance. Part of the firehouse became the headquarters of the 13th District Civil Defense for Baltimore County, and the growth of the town and surroundings fostered new expansion and acquisition of new apparatus. When Victory's bell finally rang out, Arbutus was a much larger town and the demands on the AVFD has grown well beyond the town. 




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  PHASE 1 is COMPLETE. We have moved to the new building. Pictures to follow soon.



 THE AVFD LIVE-IN PROGRAM (read about it)


At last....The AVFD Live-in program is being crafted. Please click on the link above to get a snap-shot of what we have so far. Questions, Comments and or Concerns can be forwarded via the "comments" section below to Operations. Use your UserID/Password for access.


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The AVFD capital campaign to raise $3.2 million for expansion and renovation of the firehouse is continuing.

How Can you Help us ?

There are many ways in which you can help us reach our goal. You can donate your time, goods and services, and/or make tax-deductible $$ contributions - All are greatly appreciated.

Capital Campaign donations can now be made online using PayPal. Your contributions are tax deductible and would greatly help our quest for a new firehouse.

PayPal is a respectable and trusted service of the famous EBay online auctions. As such, the transactions are secure and reliable. PayPal offers a fast, affordable, and convenient online donation service for our Capital Campaign. If you have any questions about this online transaction, please send email to info(at)arbutusvfd.org and we will promptly reply.

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We are making progress

1.0 M 1.5 M 2.0 M 2.5 M 3.0 M 3.5 M


Our Capital Campaign Address

P O Box 7496

Arbutus, MD 21227

Phone: (410) 242-6668

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There are various other avenues through which we are trying to raise funds for our new building. Please check our Auxiliary pages

Auxiliary Efforts

How do you define a Volunteer Department ?

Volunteer Fire Companies like the AVFD are fully independent organizations and we must rely on our own devices to raise the funds needed to buy and maintain our apparatus and meet our operational needs each year. Baltimore County supports us by contributing about one-third of our operating costs. If the AVFD were a Baltimore County "career" Department, it would cost the County about $4Million in additional taxes each year to keep us in operation. 

It currently costs the AVFD approximately $400,000/year to run the Department - any funding needed to buy new apparatus is in addition to the figure. We must raise all of the $3 Million needed to renovate and expand our firehouse. 

We need your help so that our volunteers can continue to come to your aid in times of emergency. 

Expenses ...... THEN & NOW

Yr 1960 Yr 2000
Households in Arbutus  7000 18,000
Basic Ambulance $ 65,000 $ 105,000
Turn-out Gear $ 280 $ 1600
Basic Fire-Engine $ 68,000 $ 235,000
Basic Rescue-Truck $ 80,000 $ 350,000
Safety clothing $ 180 $ 500

Cost of recruiting, training and

certifying a fire-fighter

$ 500 $ 18,000


Last update: March 07, 2013