Would you like to Save money on your utility bill, Benefit the Environment, and Support the Arbutus Volunteer Fire Department?

When you choose Viridian Energy as your electricity supplier, you do all three while maintaining BGE as your delivery provider, maintainer, repair service, or emergencies contact. Your bill will still be handled by BGE.

Viridian is on the list of BGE qualified Residential suppliers located

Additionally when you choose Viridian there is no long term contract, no credit check, no cost to switch and no cost to cancel.

- SAVE money on your utility bill as Viridian rates are $.099 per kilowatt hour in Maryland!

- STAY with you current utility provider for repairs, maintenance, emergencies, and billings!

- HELP the environment as 20% of the energy supplied by Viridian is from renewable sources.

SUPPORT the Arbutus Volunteer Fire Department. Viridian will pay the AVFD $2 per active customer per month for those customer who utilize a minimum of 500 KWH per month and they sign up on the AVFD Viridian webpage

Visit us on-line at


To sign up today and help your wallet, the environment, and the Arbutus Volunteer Fire Department. To sign-up today go to the website and click on "Become a Customer" in the upper right corner, you will be asked the following information:

- Your zipcode

- Select your utility company

- Select account class: residential

- Select Rate Plan: "Everyday Green" which is 20% renewable energy or "Pure Green" with is 100% renewable energy.

- Enter your name, utility account number, and address exactly as it appears on your utility bill, even if there is a mistake on your bill

- Enter your email address and your electronic signature.

It may take up to two billing cycles to see Viridian show up as your supplier and for you to start saving money and helping environment.