Friday, November 25th, 2022
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Friday, November 25th, 2022
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Friday, November 25th, 2022
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AVFD Leadership


Board of Directors

Chairman: John N Frye

Vice Chairman: Joseph D Antoszewski

Secretary: Scott Brillman

Members : John T. Gaither, Timothy G Moran, Ronald E Phelps, John Miller


President: Steve Gower

Vice-President: Patrick Shockney

Recording Secretary: Heather L  Wilderson

A/Recording Secretary - Katherine Q. Looram

Treasurer - Christopher J Brocato

Assistant Treasurer - Hilary Betley

Financial Secretary - Edward Sachs

A/Financial Secretary - Jessie Tacka

Sergeant of Arms - Robert L. Nauman

Chaplain - Stephen M. Owens

Assistant Chaplain - Christopher J. Brocato

Emergency Operations

Captain: John McDowell

Chief of Staff: Tracy M. Barresi

Sr 1st Lieutenant: Adam Wright

1st Lieutenant Rescue: David Graham

1st Lieutenant Fire: Norm Simpkins Jr.

1st Lieutenant EMS: Nicole Wu

2nd Lieutenant Rescue: James Tully III

2nd Lieutenant Fire: Josh Gill

2nd Lieutenant EMS: Haley Myers
2nd Lieutenant EMS: Sam Cooper

Swift-Water Team Administrator: Chris Brocato
Swift-Water Leads: 
Andrew Petry, Robert Nauman, Adam Wright, Lew Harvey IV

Maintenance Officer: Mike Goodwin, Patrick Mellon

Paid Personnel: Doug Brinkley

Driver Training: Norm Simpkins Jr. , Steve Jagodzinski


President: Sharon Ryan-Zinkand

Vice-President: Jennifer Zinkand-Gower

Recording Secretary: Sarah K. Kepplinger

Financial Secretary: Adam Strine        

Treasurer:  Mary Beth Ripley

Sergeant of Arms:  Scott Ripley

Chaplain:  James R. Higgins


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