Friday, November 25th, 2022
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Friday, November 25th, 2022
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TEAM35 Awards



For Year


Date Presented

Gosnell AwardBCVFA2019Douglas R. Simpkins, Jr.5/4/19
Rescue Provider of the YearBCVFA2019Swift Water Rescue Team 355/4/19
Captain's AwardAVFD2019Timothy G. Moran2/8/20
EMS of the YearAVFD2019Samuel W. Coope2/8/20
Firefighter Of The YearAVFD2019Steven R. Gower2/8/20
President's AwardAVFD2019Joseph D. Antoszewski2/8/20
Rookie of the YearAVFD2019Ryan W. Kuehnl2/8/20
Dee Neighoff Humanitarian AwardAVFDA2019Norman V. Simpkins, Jr.2/8/20
Lifetime Achievment AwardAVFDA2019John W. McDowell2/8/20
President's AwardAVFDA2019Donald Yakel2/8/20
Shinning Star AwardAVFDA2019Robert L. Nauman2/8/20
Shinning Star AwardAVFDA2019Edward Sachs2/8/20
Shinning Star AwardAVFDA2019Steven R. Gower2/8/20
Shinning Star AwardAVFDA2019Bryan J. McDowell2/8/20
Shinning Star AwardAVFDA2019Jack Serio2/8/20
Unsung Hero AwardAVFDA2019Frederick Smith2/8/20
Captain's AwardAVFD2018Ryan Kuehnl2/9/19
EMS of the YearAVFD2018Eleanor B. Brown2/9/19
Firefighter Of The YearAVFD2018James E. Malone Jr.2/9/19
President's AwardAVFD2018Jack Serio2/9/19
Rookie of the YearAVFD2018Samuel Cooper2/9/19
Dee Neighoff Humanitarian AwardAVFDA2018Jack Serio2/9/19
Lifetime Achievment AwardAVFDA2018Steve Owens2/9/19
President's AwardAVFDA2018Mary Beth Ripley2/9/19
Shinning Star AwardAVFDA2018Adam Wright2/9/19
Shinning Star AwardAVFDA2018Bryan J. McDowell2/9/19
Shinning Star AwardAVFDA2018Hilary Betley2/9/19
Shinning Star AwardAVFDA2018Jack Serio2/9/19
Shinning Star AwardAVFDA2018James C. Zinkand Sr.2/9/19
Shinning Star AwardAVFDA2018Robert L. Nauman2/9/19
Shinning Star AwardAVFDA2018Steven R. Gower2/9/19
Unsung Hero AwardAVFDA2018Jennifer L. Gower2/9/19
50 Years of Service AwardBCVFA2018Joseph A. Antoszewski10/13/18
50 Years of Service AwardBCVFA2018Joseph E. Beckman, Sr.10/13/18
Edwin F. Preston Service AwardBCVFA2018Joseph A. Antoszewski10/13/18
Hall of FameBCVFA2018Timothy W. Tacka Sr.10/13/18
Rescue Provider of the YearBCVFA2018James L. Tully III10/13/18
EMS of the YearDewey Lowman2018Sydney R. Rector  
Firefighter Of The YearDewey Lowman2018Zachery M. Bock 
Family Appreciation AwardMSFA2018Steven R. Gower6/19/18
Hall of FameMSFA2018Douglas R. Simpkins, Jr.6/19/18
Captain's AwardAVFD2017Dennis B. Wilderson2/10/18
EMS of the YearAVFD2017Timothy M. Becker2/10/18
Firefighter Of The YearAVFD2017Michael J. Malinowski2/10/18
President's AwardAVFD2017Delores M. Gutberlet2/10/18
Rookie of the YearAVFD2017Zachary M. Bock2/10/18
Dee Neighoff Humanitarian AwardAVFDA2017Matthew C. Lubaszewski2/10/18
Lifetime Achievment AwardAVFDA2017Robert L. Nauman2/10/18
President's AwardAVFDA2017Kimberly A. Smith2/10/18
Shinning Star AwardAVFDA2017Bryan J. McDowell2/10/18
Shinning Star AwardAVFDA2017Jack Serio2/10/18
Shinning Star AwardAVFDA2017James C. Zinkand Sr.2/10/18
Shinning Star AwardAVFDA2017Steven R. Gower2/10/18
Unsung Hero AwardAVFDA2017Rose Gore2/10/18
Executive Officer of the YearBCVFA2017Gina K. Birsner9/16/17
Rookie of the YearBCVFA2017Nadia Pechacek9/16/17
EMS of the YearDewey Lowman2017Timothy M. Becker 
Firefighter Of The YearDewey Lowman2017Jesse T. Lee 
Firefighter of the YearMD State American Legion2017Jesse T. Lee7/12/18
Captain's AwardAVFD2016Ryan Heiland2/11/17
EMS of the YearAVFD2016Bijan J. Arab2/11/17
Firefighter Of The YearAVFD2016Bryan J. McDowell2/11/17
President's AwardAVFD2016Gina K. Birsner2/11/17
Rookie of the YearAVFD2016Jack Serio2/11/17
Dee Neighoff Humanitarian AwardAVFDA2016Daniel Coolahan2/11/17
Lifetime Achievment AwardAVFDA2016Sherry Snader2/11/17
President's AwardAVFDA2016Diane Cronise2/11/17
Shinning Star AwardAVFDA2016 2/11/17
Unsung Hero AwardAVFDA2016Frederick Smith2/11/17
Firefighter Of The YearBCVFA2016James L. Tully III9/17/16
President's AwardBCVFA2016John W. McDowell9/17/16
EMS of the YearDewey Lowman2016Jerry M. Wright 
Firefighter Of The YearDewey Lowman2016Bryan J. McDowell 
Captain's AwardAVFD2015Tracy M. Ellis2/13/16
EMS of the YearAVFD2015Bijan J. Arab2/13/16
Firefighter Of The YearAVFD2015Joshua R. Gill2/13/16
President's AwardAVFD2015Jerry M. Wright2/13/16
Rookie of the YearAVFD2015Adam J. Dye2/13/16
Dee Neighoff Humanitarian AwardAVFDA2015Scott L. Brillman2/13/16
Lifetime Achievment AwardAVFDA2015Joseph H. Grusch2/13/16
President's AwardAVFDA2015Jennifer L. Gower2/13/16
Shinning Star AwardAVFDA2015Robert L. Nauman2/13/16
Unsung Hero AwardAVFDA2015Brandon M. Keplinger2/13/16
50 Years of Service AwardBCVFA2015Donald R. Gutberlet9/19/15
50 Years of Service AwardBCVFA2015Edwin F. Preston9/19/15
Hall of FameBCVFA2015John W. McDowell9/19/15
J. Donald MooneyTraining Provider of the YearBCVFA2015Joseph E. Beckman, Sr.9/19/15
Rookie of the YearBCVFA2015Dennis B. Wilderson9/19/15
EMS of the YearDewey Lowman2015Bijan J. Arab3/12/16
Firefighter Of The YearDewey Lowman2015Mark Lundin3/12/16
Captain's AwardAVFD2014Michael C. Baressi2/14/15
EMS of the YearAVFD2014Mihai T. Petrisor2/14/15
Firefighter Of The YearAVFD2014Raymond S. Gill2/14/15
President's AwardAVFD2014Phillip P. Lessard2/14/15
Rookie of the YearAVFD2014Dennis B. Wilderson2/14/15
Dee Neighoff Humanitarian AwardAVFDA2014Paul Meseke Sr.2/14/15
President's AwardAVFDA2014 2/14/15
Shinning Star AwardAVFDA2014 2/14/15
Unsung Hero AwardAVFDA2014 2/14/15
Edwin F. Preston Service AwardBCVFA2014Joseph T. O'melia9/20/14
EMS of the YearBCVFA2014Cara R. Attanasio9/20/14
Firefighter Of The YearBCVFA2014Paul R. Meseke Sr.9/20/14
J. Donald MooneyTraining Provider of the YearBCVFA2014Stephen M. Hardesty9/20/14
EMS of the YearDewey Lowman2014Mihai T. Petrisor 
Firefighter Of The YearDewey Lowman2014Stephen M. Hardesty 
Captain's AwardAVFD2013Joseph E. Beckman, Sr.2/8/14
EMS of the YearAVFD2013Cara R. Attanasio2/8/14
Firefighter Of The YearAVFD2013Stephen M. Hardesty2/8/14
President's AwardAVFD2013Virginia Shockney2/8/14
Rookie of the YearAVFD2013Wesley A. Reibert2/8/14
Dee Neighoff Humanitarian AwardAVFDA2013 2/8/14
President's AwardAVFDA2013 2/8/14
Shinning Star AwardAVFDA2013 2/8/14
Unsung Hero AwardAVFDA2013 2/8/14
Edwin F. Preston Service AwardBCVFA2013Donald R. Gutberlet9/28/13
Gosnell AwardBCVFA2013Sherry Snader9/28/13
Rescue Provider of the YearBCVFA2013Benjamen L. Singer9/28/13
EMS of the YearDewey Lowman2013N/A 
Firefighter Of The YearDewey Lowman2013N/A 
Hall of FameMSFA2013James E. Malone Jr. 
Captain's AwardAVFD2012Squad Replacement Committee2/9/13
EMS of the YearAVFD2012Cara R. Attanasio2/9/13
Firefighter Of The YearAVFD2012Benjamen L. Singer2/9/13
President's AwardAVFD2012Alex Attumalil2/9/13
Rookie of the YearAVFD2012Helen L. Crawford2/9/13
Dee Neighoff Humanitarian AwardAVFDA2012 2/9/13
Lifetime Achievment AwardAVFDA2012 2/9/13
President's AwardAVFDA2012 2/9/13
Shinning Star AwardAVFDA2012 2/9/13
Unsung Hero AwardAVFDA2012 2/9/13
Executive Officer of the YearBCVFA2012Steven R. Gower9/22/12
Hall of FameBCVFA2012Donald R. Gutberlet9/22/12
Rescue Provider of the YearBCVFA2012Chris J. Brocato9/22/12
EMS of the YearDewey Lowman2012Cara R. Attanasio 
Firefighter Of The YearDewey Lowman2012Benjamen L. Singer 
Legislator of the YearMSFA2012James E. Malone Jr. 
Captain's AwardAVFD2011James E. Malone Jr.2/11/12
EMS of the YearAVFD2011Matthew D. Urick2/11/12
Firefighter Of The YearAVFD2011James L. Tully III2/11/12
President's AwardAVFD2011Steven R. Gower2/11/12
Rookie of the YearAVFD2011Matthew C. Lubaszewski2/11/12
Dee Neighoff Humanitarian AwardAVFDA2011Steven R. Gower2/11/12
Lifetime Achievment AwardAVFDA2011John Gaither2/11/12
President's AwardAVFDA2011Diane Cronise2/11/12
Shinning Star AwardAVFDA2011Benjamen L. Singer2/11/12
Shinning Star AwardAVFDA2011Bryan J. McDowell2/11/12
Shinning Star AwardAVFDA2011James L. Tully III2/11/12
Shinning Star AwardAVFDA2011Joseph H. Knecht2/11/12
Unsung Hero AwardAVFDA2011Daniel Dugas2/11/12
Unsung Hero AwardAVFDA2011Patricia Yakel2/11/12
EMS Provider of the YearBCVFA2011Paul J. Melvin11/5/11
Gosnell AwardBCVFA2011Joseph A. Antoszewski11/5/11
Hall of FameBCVFA2011Joseph E. Beckman, Sr.11/5/11
J. Donald MooneyTraining Provider of the YearBCVFA2011Joseph H. Knecht11/5/11
EMS of the YearDewey Lowman2011Tracy M. Ellis3/11/12
Firefighter Of The YearDewey Lowman2011Timothy G. Moran3/11/12
Hall of FameMSFA2011Richard A. Snader6/19/11
Legislator of the YearMSFA2011James E. Malone Jr.6/19/11
Captain's AwardAVFD2010Robert L. Nauman2/12/11
EMS of the YearAVFD2010Paul Melvin2/12/11
Firefighter Of The YearAVFD2010Benjamen L. Singer2/12/11
President's AwardAVFD2010Timothy G. Moran2/12/11
Rookie of the YearAVFD2010Benjamen L. Singer2/12/11
Edwin F. Preston Service AwardBCVFA2010Alfred "Dee" Neighoff 
EMS Provider of the YearBCVFA2010Joseph E. Beckman, Sr. 
Hall of FameBCVFA2010James E. Malone Jr. 
Rescue Provider of the YearBCVFA2010David B. Graham, Jr. 
EMS of the YearDewey Lowman2010Sandy H. An3/5/11
Firefighter Of The YearDewey Lowman2010Paul R. Meseke Jr.3/5/11
EMS of the YearMD State American Legion2010Sandy H. An7/14/11
Firefighter Of The YearMD State American Legion2010Paul R. Meseke Jr.7/14/11
Captain's AwardAVFD2009Paul R. Meseke, Sr.2/13/10
EMS of the YearAVFD2009Matthew D. Urick2/13/10
Firefighter Of The YearAVFD2009Paul J. Melvin2/13/10
President's AwardAVFD2009James C. Zinkand Sr.2/13/10
Rookie of the YearAVFD2009Matthew D. Urick2/13/10
EMS of the YearDewey Lowman2009Matthew D. Urick3/7/10
Firefighter Of The YearDewey Lowman2009Robert L. Bury, Jr.3/7/10
Captain's AwardAVFD2008Glen C. Peacock2/14/09
EMS of the YearAVFD2008Edward Reibert2/14/09
Firefighter Of The YearAVFD2008Paul J. Melvin2/14/09
President's AwardAVFD2008Robert L. Nauman2/14/09
Rookie of the YearAVFD2008Charles Cadden2/14/09
Executive Officer of the YearBCVFA2008John W. McDowell 
Hall of FameBCVFA2008Dee Neighoff 
Hall of FameBCVFA2008Lew Harvey 
EMS of the YearDewey Lowman2008Sean D. Johnson 
Firefighter Of The YearDewey Lowman2008Paul J. Melvin 
Rookie of the YearMSFA2008Charles Cadden2/16/09
Captain's AwardAVFD2007John E. Simms 
EMS of the YearAVFD2007Joseph E. Beckman, Sr. 
President's AwardAVFD2007Norman V. Simpkins, Jr. 
Rookie of the YearAVFD2007Joseph H. Knecht 
EMS Provider of the YearBCVFA2007Malgorzata M. Nowaczyk 
Rescue Provider of the YearBCVFA2007David B. Graham, Jr. 
EMS of the YearDewey Lowman2007Joseph E. Beckman, Sr. 
Firefighter Of The YearDewey Lowman2007Joseph H. Knecht 
EMS of the YearMD State American Legion2007Malgorzata M. Nowaczyk 
Firefighter Of The YearMD State American Legion2007Gerald "JJ" Lynott 
Legislator of the YearMSFA2007James E. Malone Jr. 
Captain's AwardAVFD2006Paul R. Meseke, Sr. 
President's AwardAVFD2006David J. DiSante 
Rookie of the YearAVFD2006Paul J. Melvin 
EMS of the YearDewey Lowman2006Malgorzata M. Nowaczyk 
Firefighter Of The YearDewey Lowman2006Gerald "JJ" Lynott 
Captain's AwardAVFD2005Joseph E. Beckman, Sr. 
President's AwardAVFD2005Dustin C. Simmons 
Rookie of the YearAVFD2005Malgorzata M. Nowaczyk 
EMS Provider of the YearBCVFA2005Michele Myers-Brown 
EMS of the YearDewey Lowman2005Angela J. Taury 
Firefighter Of The YearDewey Lowman2005Patrick V. Shockney 
EMS Provider of the YearKnights of Columbus2005William G. Frawley 
Firefighter Of The YearKnights of Columbus2005Robert L. Nauman 
Captain's AwardAVFD2004Norman V. Simpkins, Jr. 
President's AwardAVFD2004Paul E. Wagner 
Rookie of the YearAVFD2004David B. Graham, Jr. 
Hall of FameBCVFA2004Barry Monroe 
Hall of FameBCVFA2004D. Carl Long 
EMS of the YearDewey Lowman2004Michele Myers-Brown 
Firefighter Of The YearDewey Lowman2004Paul A. Trovinger 
EMS Provider of the YearKnights of Columbus2004Takahiro Hayakawa 
Firefighter Of The YearKnights of Columbus2004George T. Tyrrell 
Captain's AwardAVFD2003Paul A. Trovinger 
President's AwardAVFD2003Joseph O'Melia 
Hall of FameBCVFA2003Ed "Ned" Malone 
Hall of FameBCVFA2003James Kelly 
Hall of FameBCVFA2003Sherry Snader 
EMS of the YearDewey Lowman2003  
Firefighter Of The YearDewey Lowman2003Steven R. Gower 
EMS Provider of the YearVeterans of Foreign Wars2003Joseph E. Beckman, Sr. 
Firefighter Of The YearVeterans of Foreign Wars2003Chris J. Brocato 
Captain's AwardAVFD2002Patrick V. Shockney 
President's AwardAVFD2002Donald Mackey 
Hall of FameBCVFA2002Richard A. Snader 
EMS of the YearDewey Lowman2002  
Firefighter Of The YearDewey Lowman2002Norman V. Simpkins, Jr. 
Captain's AwardAVFD2001Sharon L. Zinkand 
President's AwardAVFD2001Dee Neighoff 
Hall of FameBCVFA2001Donald Mackey 
Hall of FameBCVFA2001Douglas R. Simpkins, Jr. 
Hall of FameBCVFA2001Edwin F. Preston 
Hall of FameBCVFA2001Joseph A. Antoszewski 
EMS of the YearDewey Lowman2001  
Firefighter Of The YearDewey Lowman2001Anthony V. Shockney 
EMS Provider of the YearVeterans of Foreign Wars2001Scott L. Brillman 
Firefighter Of The YearVeterans of Foreign Wars2001Anthony V. Shockney 
Captain's AwardAVFD2000Scott L. Brillman 
President's AwardAVFD2000David J. DiSante 
EMS of the YearDewey Lowman2000  
Firefighter Of The YearDewey Lowman2000James C. Zinkand, Jr. 
Captain's AwardAVFD1999Glen C. Peacock 
President's AwardAVFD1999David J. DiSante 
EMS of the YearDewey Lowman1999  
Firefighter Of The YearDewey Lowman1999Glen C. Peacock 
Captain's AwardAVFD1998Gina K. Birsner 
President's AwardAVFD1998James C. Zinkand Sr. 
President's AwardAVFD1997Glen C. Peacock 
President's AwardAVFD1996Keith Simpkins 
President's AwardAVFD1995Chuck Atkinson 
President's AwardAVFD1994N/A 
President's AwardAVFD1993Joseph O'Melia 
President's AwardAVFD1992Raymond Glanzer 
President's AwardAVFD1991Edward Rottman

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